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Marsha & Barry  4/13/2006
Dear Debbie and Pat, This website is awesome. God bless you and your family, we are looking forward to getting back out their and looking for Christie. It's been hard the last couple of months here due to the non-stop rain. Please know that we are here and ready to help. Marsha and Barry
Dave  4/12/2006
Debbie- The site looks great. Very functional and easy to navigate. It lends more humanity to Christie and allows viewers to get closer. Lori and I keep abreast of developments and wish we could do more to help. Warm regards, - Dave
Kathy Donner 4/12/2006
Dear Christie's Family, I really do hope that you find Christie soon. I will continue checking this site for updates. Every single one of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the Faith!
Michelle  4/12/2006
Dear Boyd and Wilson family, My prayers are with you all during this difficult time. May God keep you in the palms of his hand and give you the strength to remain strong for your daughter/sister/ friend. Michelle