Message from the Family

December 22, 2006

Holiday Greeting from the Family of Christie Wilson ...

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of support & generosity extended to our family throughout 2006. Never did it occur to us that we would ever be in a situation of having a daughter/sister abducted, murdered and their remains hidden from all of us. It is only through the love, kindness and prayers of support received from so many fellow law enforcement officers, family, friends and the community that we have been able to remain strong and survive the horror of the past 14 months. We have been so moved by how many of you dedicated your time to assist us in searching for Christie and provided your support during trial. Your generous donations, letters of encouragement, meals and phone calls always seemed to reach us during our greatest time of need.

As most of you are aware, on 11/22/06, Mario Flavio Garcia was convicted, in the 1st degree, for the murder of Christie. Garcia is scheduled to be sentenced as a 2nd Striker, on January 11th, one day after what would have been Christie's 29th birthday. Garcia continues to show no remorse and is arrogantly talking with media; sending us messages to continue looking for Christie, and continues to try and manipulate anyone he can to buy-in to his professed innocence. Nevertheless, we continue to HOPE for a MIRACLE that Garcia will eventually confess the location of Christie's remains. In the meantime, we continue to find great comfort in knowing that Christie's spirit is with us each and every day&something Mario Garcia will never be able to take from us.

A Memorial in Christie's honor will be held on Saturday, January 27th in San Jose. Please check back to the website at or contact the SJPOA office at 408/298-1133 in early January for details.

Our Christmas wish to everyone is this: Focus your life on what really matters - relationships, not stuff. Recognize we all need help, life is a team sport! Today, not tomorrow, hug someone you know and tell them how much you love them. Mend a relationship with a family member, neighbor, co-worker - you may not get the chance tomorrow.

We pray your Holidays and New Year are filled with much Peace, Love, Hope and Joy.

God Bless You All,

Pat, Debbie and Family