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My Name is Mitch Kolpan. I am a Retired New York City Police Detective. I am 55 years of age, With 2 daughters.I would please ask you to forward this letter to the Wilson family.Or print this if you would like. I for the second time saw the 48 Hrs ID News Program, About the murder on this sweet, Beautiful,Young Lady Christie. I am disgusted with this little fat scum bag mario,( Whos name does not deserve to be capitalized) Of what he did to this poor girl.And what he did to his ex girlfriend. Jail is too good for this piece of trash. I hope every day he is alive, He is living life in hell. And when he leaves this earth, And stops breathing the same air as the victims family, and friends, That he burns in hell for all eternity. I worked for the greatest Police Dept you can work for. I retired out of Homicide. I only wish that this case was brought to my office, And that I was the detective to Interview this piece of garbage. I still would love the chance to sit with him, (alone with no cameras) and interview him. With out any doubt in my mind, In less than an hour I would bring the family closure, And they would know the truth. This is not to take anything away from the Wonderful and experienced Officers In the great state of California. But unfortunately In this great country of ours Its always the scum bags whos rights have to be protected. This goes on much to often. Way to much.And It only gets worse. It sickens me to know this poor family, Will never have closure, Unless the scum bag in this case opens his mouth. Its like he is still in control. I believe in an eye for an eye. I also believe in the movie The Star Chamber. Watch it. You will fully understand what Iam saying.I am by no means a religious person, But will pray for you all. And believe me, The Great Police Officers,throughout your state feel the same way. We all have rules to follow, But I guess the only ones who dont have to follow them, Are the marios of the world. May you try to find some peace, Although a second does not go by, Where you dont think of your little girl. So many people are suffering by people like little fat mario, Who is hopefully someones wife in prison. And maybe if he got what he deserved as a younger animal, I would not be witting this. May God Bless You All!!! And Remember there are tens of thousands of people who feel like I do. Iam so sorry for your loss.

I am new to California and Placer County. I just saw Christie and her family's story on a re run on the ID channel. I watched it specifically because it was local news and came to thins website hopIng for an update that she was found. I am heart wrenched and cried to know this horrible man refuses to give up where he put her body after murdering her soul. I am praying for a miracle in this that her remains will be found since he has so hardened his heart. Or that he will say what really happened. I have a daughter who is 26 years old who is loving and adventurous and trusting and my biggest fear is something of this nature taking place. I can easily empathize and put myself in christie's family's shoes and I want to express that even after all these years, she is remembered. By the re-airing of 48 hours, she and her family are now in my heart and I will continue to pray she is found and think of her family. I was trying to see if you are still taking donations I don't see a current date on this website. I wish I had been here to help search and again, I pray her remains will turn up.

Wow. Just watched the re/airing of the 48 hours episode about christie. Sooooooo sickened to find that she had still never been found. I will pray that the family has found comfort in her memory. May her memory be eternal. Rachel Poland Trinity Florida

my thought prayers goe to Christie mom dad i would like flyer button ribbon to remember her in my heart i will pray everyday i hope they will find her soon darlene broom 5639 saxon way riverbank cali 95367

Hi Christie! I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and I miss you. I am so glad I was able to have you in my life. I will always remember the fun we had together doing silly things. Lori B.

Hi Debbie and family I have had you in my heart and prayers sense we met during the search for your precious daughter Chrisie. I hope that you are all doing well, and I know that Christie is in the arms of the Lord. I think about you often. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an important and sad time in your lives, it was truely an honor, and and incredible blessing. Take care and may God bless you always Colleen Cota

Dear Christie I was touched by a programme that was aired in the United Kingdom, I was touched and my hearts go out to you and your family. I know you are in the safe hands of God and watching over your family.

I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting Christie but after following her story I am deeply touched. I cried after watching her family through the search for their daughter. Christie's life and mine were so similar that it really hit home for me. Christie, you come into my thoughts often. When I'm struggling or down I think of your strength and determination. It makes me realize how short our time on this earth is. To make the best of it and don't sweat the small stuff. In the stillness I feel your presence. You have greatly impacted my life. I don't take for granted what I have today for it may not be there tomorrow. To Christie's family, you are true survivors. I don't know first hand what it's like to walk in your shoes but you and Christie will be in my thoughts and prayers forever... I hope one day you can truly find the closure and peace that you greatly deserve.. Kristin

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Christie or her family but somehow felt connected to her, she just seemed so kind and sincere, a friend you could always count on, an animal lover, a good person and her life taken away so suddenly. I hope you are resting in peace Christie and I hope Mr. Garcia, a parent himself, will do the right thing and let her family know where she is so they can have some closure. Debbie, Las Vegas

I was thinking about Christie & her family today. I didn't realize my "seashell tribute" didn't post. I took her sand & seashells to So Cal shortly after her memorial. I never knew Christie personally, but she has touched my life forever through her family & friends. I scattered her sand at Balboa Island. I have often gone there to remember my husband since his own untimely death, so I felt it was the most appropriate place for me to honor Christie's memory. She will never be forgotten!

I met Christie in middle school at Steinbeck. She was a beautiful person. ALways so happy, hardly did I ever see anything less thank a smile on her face. She would do anything for you. It's so upseting that something so horrific could happen to such an angel. I know that she is up in heaven and watching over all her loved ones.~ Andrea Sosa-Ignacio

Happy Birthday Christie 1-10-2008. Your life was unjustly taken away from this earth but the impact you have made on millions will live on forever. God Bless you, Tami

Debbie, I cannot imagine the pain, sorrow, and loss you feel. I look at my daughter in another light. Life is not taken for granted. I pray you find some comfort and peace. I know you were(are) a great mother and love your children unconditionally and they know it as well. I ask myself all the time why there must be this kinda of pain in life...However, Christie knew this loser in life(Mario Garcia) had to be stopped and she sacrificed the ulitmate...she is our hero. God Bless her and you and your family. You and your family are forever in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Debbie, I think about Christie often, but today she is very strong in my thoughts! She was that special daughter, sister, friend, co worker, etc, that we all aspire be to be. I sincerely believe that she blossomed into this beautiful woman, because of the family she was raised in. You and Pat have so much love in your hearts! Your strength and determination during this journey has been incredible. I know that because of you, Christie will always hold a special place in the hearts of many, many people. My continued prayers for Christie and your Family! Carrie

In Christie's honor, we scattered the sand and shells in the Sea of Cortez on a beautiful beach at the Fiesta Americana in Cabo San Lucas. It was also the location of our middle daughter's wedding and we will cherish the memory of both events. Our hopes and prayers are with your family, always. Floyd, Kathilee, Allison, Natalie, Lindsay & Bryan

By: Christopher Mills. Where do I begin? Not sure what to say or make of the situation. Tragic Loss! I have always wanted to write something and never knew what I really wanted to say until my dad said write about the good memories of her and I. Well, since I can remember we always had the same circle of friends from beginning to end. I knew Christie since the 5th grade and she and I grew up just a few houses down the street from one another on Sunset Glenn Dr. We have a long history together through our ups and downs. The first time I ever met Christie was riding my bike across the street from her house at Randal Elemtry School on the lawn when we were in the 5th grade. Her and I went to the same Junior High Steinbeck, High School Gunderson, and the same college Chico State Univ. and even lived in the same dorm as her Whitney Hall. I remember we kind of were doing are own things going through college but would always check on each other from time to time while living in the same dorm and making sure one another was doing ok and always be flirting with one another even back when we were youngsters. In certain ways I use to consider her more then just a friend but a best friend and almost like a sister to me that I never had. I have so many great memories of her that I can think of which a lot of them are coming back to me as I write. She and I kind of drifted apart during our years together at Chico State Univ. but after she had graduated in 2000, I then graduated in 2001 and moved home as she had done back to our hometown. We then reunited once again and became very close yet again after running into her at one of our favorite bars in San Jose the Britt. It was Saint Patty's Day I think and I ran into her there with her sister Stacy, and mom Debbie, and dad Pat. Shortly after that day she then began dating one of my best friends Mike Rodarte shortly after college. It was a great thing being reunited with her and becoming close again. Another memory that I have of her was when she introduced me to my first girlfriend ever Heather Fox in the 6th grade and remember them always coming to my house on Sunset Glenn always harassing me. I even remember one time when she and Tiffany Miller came over and Christie dared me to fart in front of them and they did not believe I would fart in front of them. So I did and it was so loud that she and I and Tiffany just started laughing so hard when we were in Junior High. That was one thing about her and I, we could always make each other laugh. I think that is why her and I always got along so well cause we would just make each other laugh so much and tease each other and just be goofballs together that you can't do with, with other people. I also remember her coming over with Tiffany Miller just to hang out and just shoot the shit; that my heart also goes out to after her losing her sister on September 9-11 with her younger sister going down in Shanks Ville PEN. Nicole Miller. I have such great memories of these two girls she was like a sister to me. I always remember talking with her over the phone usually late nights just talking about anything and everything about her and her liking all my buddies who are still my best friends and me trying to give her advice on what to do. She would always be telling me she had crushes on my best friends and me telling her not to go for them because I never wanted to see her get hurt. She was such a great person and always made me smile and laugh. She had a special glow to her! Her and I shared a lot of up and down times together and always helped one another out through bad times. I always loved to make her laugh and when I close my eyes I can still hear her laugh and see her cute smile and know a part of her is still with me. I can still hear her now; she would never refer to me as Chris or Mills but always had to use both of my names and say Christopher Mills and can still hear her tone of voice when she would say my name. I can still hear her laugh now which would make me laugh. Now looking back at that and me being older I can now say she really was saying my names Christopher Mills out of endearment. It uses to drive me crazy and she knew that, I always asked her why she liked using both my names? I am not sure a lot of people realized how close she and I really were. I wanted to write some great memories of her that I had of her thither and I shared together that a lot of people would not know about. I read all the comments people have left for her and can say she has touched many people in more ways then others and all have special memories of her. She was a very special girl. You know as I have gotten older I have learned friends can come and go in and out of your life so quickly, and I can say truly that it takes years to build a true friendship and to be there for one another, and that is what she and I had. True friendship, and that is what I learned from her is what true friendship really is about that takes years to build! You know there was a saying right after 9-11 that We Will Never Forget! Well Christie for those of us who have been a part of your life or never knew you, you will be missed dearly but, "WE WILL NEVER FORGET"! Christopher Mills

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Sometimes I cry for what has happened and how I miss seeing you. Sometimes I smile at the laughs and stories we shared... but EVERYDAY I miss you! Only wishing there was one more chance to see your smile and give you a hug.

Since Christie loved the ocean, in her honor, we scattered the sand and shells amidst the solitude of an early morning walk down Pismo Beach, California. Our fervent prayers were for God's peace for the families. Trish & Rich Brem

From the moment my sister told me you were missing I couldn't get you off of my mind. I prayed you would be found and be ok. My heart ached when the evidence pointed toward foul play. Though we didn't keep in contact after high school you will always have had an influence in my life. My heart goes out to your family. I pray they will find peace. Amber

A poem for Christie. Christie, this is exactly how I feel about you and my sister. 'Till I see you again....Love Always, Your best friend, Tiffney Miller (de Vries). I Carry Your Heart with Me written by E.E. Cummings I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)I fear No fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) I want no world (for beautiful, you are my world, my true) and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you Here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life, which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

A Tribute to Christie from Tiffney Miller (de Vries). You will always be my best friend! Why do things like this happen? Some might say… “What a waste…She was so young.” What I say to that is Christie’s life could never have been a waste. Yes she was too young. I don’t know why she was taken so early but I do know that in the short time Christie was here, she touched and changed many lives for the better. Speaking just for me alone, Christie positively impacted and made such a tremendous difference in my life that I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for knowing Christie. Chrisite and I met in 7th grade. I remember the very first time I saw her. We met in the girls locker room. Our lockers were right next to each other. I remember looking over at her and noticing her bright, familiar looking outfit. She had on red and white stripped shorts, and a blue shirt with white writing on it. I said to her, “ You look like an American Flag.” She laughed and made a joke about herself and did this funny little dance. She was so goofy and spirited. I new right then and there that we would be friends for a very long time. Christie was so likeable. She had such a fun-loving, goofy personality that drew people to her immediately and we became inseparable. Growing up, we did everything together. We explored the outdoors, learned about boys, worked together as cashiers at a local drug store, and even dated two boys that were best friends. We were very close and were there for each other through the good and bad times of growing up. When it came time for college, I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. Christie new exactly what she wanted. She was always so driven and motivated. Christie wanted to go to Chico state and asked me to go with her. At the time, I didn’t know Chico State existed. Well, she persuaded me to go with her and at the time I never realized just how important that decision was going to be for my future. We began our roller coaster ride through college together. We learned so much about life together. We learned how to budget and pay bills, cook our own meals and do our own laundry, work and keep up with school all at the same time. Our favorite college meals were Macaroni and Cheese and Christie’s gourmet recipe of English muffins with hot dogs and mustard and American cheese. As roommates, we learned the joys of fighting over the most trivial things such as whose turn it is to sweep the floor or clean the toilet. Often times it was a struggle. But I’ll tell you one thing, when we did fight; Christie was always the first to apologize. Christie taught me that you can never be too proud to admit when you’re wrong. And when I was wrong, she was always quick to forgive. Christie taught me how to make light of things and laugh at myself. Christie taught me to put things in perspective. She had an intense work ethic and was very driven but also new how to have fun. And FUN, we did have together. Christie loved to dance. I can just picture her now in our living room, blasting her favorite music and getting me to dance with her and do her famous Bootie dance…Swinging her arms up in the air and being a total dork. I could be having a bad day, but when Christie walked in the door, she always knew how to put a smile on my face. I could talk to her about anything and new she wouldn’t judge me and that my secrets would be safe with her. We learned so much together, helping each other along the way. Well, the time did come when we graduated college together. Christie moved back home to start her career. And I loved Chico so much, I stayed. It was in Chico, where I found my life’s passion, working with kids and where I met the love of my life, my husband Stefan. Christie helped open doors for me that I would never have explored if she weren’t in my life. And I thank her for opening those doors in my life. I thank Christie for all of her love and support and for being my best friend. I am so blessed and rich for have knowing Christie. When my little Sister, Nicole was killed on September 11th 2001 on one of the airplanes that were hijacked, Christie was the first to be right by my side. She gave me a shoulder to cry, to someone to just talk to, and just let me know she loved me and would always be here for me no matter what. She gave me this card when my sister was killed and wrote to me her beliefs on what happens after we die. Little did I know that those same words that comforted me in my sister’s death would be the same words that comfort me in hers just a few years later. Read card! God brought Christie in to our lives for a reason. The reasons she was in my life, I now know. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I will miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to her whenever I want to, seeing her smile and watching her laugh. We said we would be best friend for our lifetimes and used to talk about becoming old grannies together with curly gray hair and would look back on all our childhood memories and laugh and be thankful we stayed friends for such a long time. I will miss not being able to share stories of our children together. I will miss having someone I can trust and talk to about anything. Although I will miss my best friend just being around, I can not let it bring me down for too long. I have to be strong and remember what Christie would want me to do. I have to remember those words she wrote to me when my sister died. I think those words say it all. Just as she told me that my sister’s sprit lives on and will always be with me, she too lives on and will always be with us. We are to remember the wonderful times and the laughter we shared with her just as she asked me to do for my sister. We would be dishonoring Christie and all that she believed in if we allowed this to take away our passion for life. "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring: all of which have the potential to turn a life around." -- Leo Buscaglia I love you Christie! I will never forget you and will live my life to the fullest for you! Until we meet again, give my love to my sister. You will always be my best friend! By Tiffney de Vries

I feel so blessed to have been a part of the search for Christie Wilson, I get choked up everytime I think of the loss for you her family. I can only imagine the heartbreak you suffer everyday and the impact this has had on many people that Christie has known in her lifetime. I am so glad that she fought so hard, and was able to reviel to EVERYONE who Mario Flavio Garcia really is, A COLD BLOODED KILLER! Through her fight she has saved so many lives that would otherwise be put in danger. I thank you Christie for being the strong girl you were. I pray everyday that Mario will reviel Christie's wereabouts to your family so that you may bring her home. I will never give up the hope that this will happen someday, and I am ready always to do my part to help find Christie. To Debbie, Pat Stacey and all other family of Christie. I know in my heart that Christie death will not be in vain, she is a true hero to have fought so hard and left so much evidence behind, she will always be a hero to me. She is so very lucky to have a MOTHER like you Debbie who stayed focused and made sure that Mario got eveything he deserves. You DEBBIE are also a HERO for your daughter. I hope he can never get Christie's face out of his memory, so that he is forever haunted by what he did to her. I would not want to be in his shoes come the day of his judgement by God. May God Bless you and your family, and continue to help you through this time of sorrow. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. I am truely blessed. Colleen Cota

I don't think that full and true justice is ever achieved when someone takes the life of an innocent person, but we, the community, today have witnessed justice as best as society can deliver. Christie should be an inspiration to everyone, even in death. She fought the good fight, the right fight, the just fight and she unknowingly in her actions delivered our community from the evil of Mario Garcia. We should all learn from her and be inspired by her to never give, up no matter what the odds. We should also learn from, be inspired by, and profusely thank and pray for her family—a family who made her the strong and good person that she was. 59 years to life. From Mexico to Hayward to Auburn, society is now better without Mario Flavio Garcia roaming freely and imposing his will on others. For the rest of his life he will be in a fitting situation directly opposite of what he has always wanted to be in: he will be in *someone else’s* complete control. THAT is a sentence better than death.

my hearts goes out to the family i hope they find her sooni will always have her in my heart i will always think of her i would like a ribbon button to remember her

Christie, I am so sorry this happened to you. I know that I didn't really get to know you until after high school, but I'm happy that I got to spend some time with you within the past few years and get to know you a little bit better. I enjoyed our chats and wine on Stacer's patio. No matter what, you always managed to stay in good spirits. You will be dearly missed and never forgotten. To the family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. AK

I met Christie freshman year in Whitney Hall and my first real memory of her was how she reached out and tried to include me in her life. She was in a sorority freshman year and I wasn't and she would take me to as many functions and parties as she could. We had a strong friendship and when she came back to Chico after her time in San Jose I tried to do the same and take her to all of my parties and sorority functions. I will always remember Spring Break in Rosarito, horseback riding on the beach. She was so much fun to be with. She could always make me laugh. We had a falling out my last year of school and my biggest regret is that I did not get back in touch with her. I had actually been thinking about her and missing her, when I go the call to check out the news. My heart goes out to Christie's family. I will always think of her as the smart, out-going, thoughtful girl I knew in school who always seemed to have fun and enjoy life. I miss you, Sara

Hey Christie Love ya miss ya! We met at Steinbeck Middle School. You were always nice to me and had a beautiful smile. You will be missed but not forgotten. You and your family remain in my prayers. Alaina Burke

Me and Christie were best friends in high school. Even though we had our problems, I always thought of her and the silly way she would talk and talk to her rat "Julie". I can still hear her voice in my head saying "Juuuuullliiiiiieeeeeeeeee"!!! Ever since I heard about her disappearance I have been on this website and all throughout the internet, wanting to say something to her. I just didn't know what to say. All I can say now is that I love her and I miss her. I wish I would have kept in contact with her after our stupid fight in high school. I miss you and love you Christie. - Lori

Who can EVER forget this girl?? She was hysterically funny and always had me laughing! These are my memories of Christie. We all know the silly noises/voices she makes?? "Clleeeeooooooohhhh"--haha, I get a giggle now just thinking of it. We use to feed her rat Lucky Charms and spearmint gum, we would "try" to dance like Janet Jackson on the "If" video,we listened to Johnny Gill and Snoop...gosh, it can go on forever. Although we never kept in touch after high school, she's someone I had always wondered about over the she was, what was she doing..that kind of stuff-- this was not how the story was suppose to end! Christie, justice WILL BE SERVED!!! I wish your family all of the strength in the world, to get through this. You're in my thoughts girl. Sincerely, J ~

I was a close friend of Christie's during our dorm years/sorority years at Chico state. I would like to send my deepest condolences to the family and to Christie. I remember having a lot of laughs with Christie and the two of us making fun of each other frequently. I used to drag Christie out of the dorm room at 5am for many of our pledge activities freshman year which she didn't appreciate too much--I think she was adament that she was losing her beauty sleep:) She was a hard worker and just loved her green Paseo which was our savior that year as we didn't want to walk to the sorority house in the winter at 5am! She had a contagious laugh and made a very cute cavewoman on halloween with the rest of us. I will never forget a 'quirky' moment with her in the elevator when we were 18 years old in the dorm building when she was complaining about a boyfriend at the time--I asked her how things were going and she looked at me with a funny expression and said 'oh, Tim Shmimm, whatever.' The name of the guy was Tim but when she was annoyed with the guy she would say a word after the name that rhymed even if it made no sense--for some reason I'll never forget that moment because it made me laugh so much--it was just so indicative of her quirky personality. Anyway, Christie, you will be found one day--know that you're not alone. Victoria

I only met Christie one time and that one time was enough to know what a wonderful young woman she was. I met Christie at one of her family gatherings that I atteneded with her brother Brian. Christie introduced herself and she was very happy and energetic. We sat by eachother and just talked about girl things. Hair, jewelry, school, and the coast. She was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable at the gathering and like I was part of the family. Mine and my family's hopes and prayers are with you Christie. Love, Amanda Frey

Christie, I want you and your family to know your picture and web-site will remain displayed at my house and on my vehicles until you are brought home. I wish we could have met, I took many trips to Thunder Valley, your family is so loving and strong and I know they are looked after by God himself- girlfriend, WE WILL FIND YOU!!!! Its amazing to me that like my own family memebers you are always on my mind, not one day has passed that I havent thought of you, when the first day of rain came your were very heavy on my mind. I am here for your sister and family for whatever they may need. For God's Purpose Marie Antoinette

Christie...If you only knew how many times I have sat down to write this. Yet still as I sit here, I am not sure what to say. I am not ready to say goodbye, I am not ready to tell what I remember most, I don't want to go down that path...not yet anyway. I love you Christie and miss you more than you could ever imagine. Your Aunt Vic oxox

Dear Christie. I know since you've been gone it's been hard for us to let go. I know that you are safe in God's hands now and will watch over me always. It will always hurt to think of the things you could have gone through but I know that your pain is over and you are forever protected now. I ask that you give me strength to get up everyday regardless of the pain I feel without you. I ask to feel your loving arms around me when I get scared. And I ask that you remind me of your love for me when things feel like they are the worst. Now that I live in Capitola I know why you loved this area so much. I feel like I'm at home here and everyday as i look out at the ocean I know that you are watching over me. I know that no matter what happens I will always be kept safe in your arms. Continue to send me your love and i will always let the light you give me shine. I miss you Christie. Love your little bro Brian.

I remember Christie as being my cousin. We would all go over to my grandparents house or my aunt and uncles and have family events. On Christmas, we would all sing happy birthday to Jesus.I remember Christie being super fun and energetic, sharing with me the purpose of school (high school she said I would love because I would get to drive a car and meet lots of friends and boys and that I would love college because you get to take classes that you want), and that she would play with me a lot when I was little, and watching fire works on the 4th of july in holister. One memory, I will never forget was when my little brother was going through a biting phase, and Christie put an end to it in a very smart way.... I looked up to her so much, I thought she was the coolest. Even though, most of my memories are from my childhood, I want you to know Christie that I miss and love you very much and will always look up to you as my big cousin! Love, Ashley Vanni

I first met Christie during our freshman year at Chico State. We dated on and off and got to know each other pretty well. I was more than shocked when my buddy called me and told me to turn on the TV for some bad news. Christie was always very nice to me and I enjoyed the time we spent together. Her sense of humor seemed to bounce off mine, which was probably why she was fun to be around. She used to make me play with her cat (because she knew I didnt particularly like cats) so when she wasn't looking I would put tape on the bottom of the cat's paws. This would usually end up with her telling me what a brat I was =) I think we called each other "brat" more than we said "Christie" or "Nathan". I also remember Christie as being very goal orientated. She was pretty serious about school and got things done when she was supposed to. If she set her mind to something then she would do it. We sort of lost touch after she graduated. The one time I talked to her, I remember her saying how much she didn't like her job at Intel. That was the only time I can remember her being really unhappy. Now I'd give anything to go back and somehow keep in touch with her. I'll never forget Christie and will always remember her as the thoughtful, happy girl I knew at Chico State. Christie I hope you're still out there. Sincerely, Nathan Beakley

I first met Christie in the dorms at CSU, Chico. I also lived with her for a little while when we worked together at Applied Materials. Christie was a kind, vibrant, hardworking, and beautiful girl who had so many wonderful things to look forward to in her life. I am deeply saddened to learn of her death and I will always remember her.

Christie was my roommate for a year in San Jose. She was always full of energy and excitement! She would never let me sleep in on a Sunday morning because she loved to go to the farmers market in Los Gatos. We would get up and head to the market and she would buy fresh fruit and flowers (she loved to have fresh flowers in the house.) We would go and get pedicures and then grab lunch. It was so nice to have a friend who was so positive and full of energy. Christie was probably my first real friend in San Jose, she wouldn't let me sit home and be unsocial. She demanded that I get out and enjoy life...I can't thank her enough for her kindness.

To Christie I knew you when you were at Applied Materials in Sunnyvale CA (bldg 81). You were always a very kind person, and had a smile and a very genuine HI!!. I sat only 15 feet away from you, but you had that light around you even then. I now pray for your peace and that everlasting light that you brought to me for that short time. God will always bless you. Thank you Christie Richard J.

Hi Christie. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. I miss you and your crazyness! I watched a video of us girls from high school the other week, dancing at my dads house, being goofy. Miss you. Love you. -Lori B.

Christie, I didn't really know you, but I know your family very well, I know how much they miss you. And how much everyone in our community misses you. We all love you, never forget that!

I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I was thinking of you. Miss you girl!

2/06/07 - Today I went down to Capitola Beach a place I know Christie loved. For a while I sat and watched the waves standing not to far away from Zeldas. I thought about how much I missed my beautiful neice and how life is so different now. When I sprinkled the sand and shells from Christies memorial service, I smiled. I was thinking about the story Tiffney told at Christies service, the one where she said you have red shorts with stars and a blue shirt.."You look like a flag" I smiled because Christie would want me to was then I realized she was giving me the strength to do so. Christie will forever be in my heart.

Since Christie loved the ocean, in her honor, we scattered the sand and shells amidst the solitude of an early morning walk down Pismo Beach, California. Our fervent prayers were for God's peace for the families. Trish & Rich Brem

In Christie's honor, we scattered the sand and shells on a beautiful beach at the Fiesta Americana in Cabo San Lucas. It was also the location of our middle daughter's wedding and we will cherish the memory of both events. Our hopes and prayers are with your family, always. Floyd, Kathilee, Allison, Natalie, Lindsay & Bryan

Christie....I think of you often and hope you are at peace. I feel blessed to have had the chance to know you. xoxo

Keeping The Boyd and Wilson Family in my prayers. I miss you Christie!!!XOXOXO

Please Please Please lord help them find Christie Wilson I really wanna help but I'm all the way out in Sacramento, CA so consider this as a prayer. Please lord in your name help Christie Wilson be found or for her to come home to her family and please have Mario G. confess to to his case about Christie and I really hope that Christie's Family finds her your Jesus almighty name AMEN. Sincerely, Shayna Eller

My prayers are with all of Christie's family and friends who were robbed of a beautiful person, that from her story that I saw last night, left a lasting impression on everyone she met. I hope and pray that terrible, horrid man gives your family the location so she may have a proper good bye. God bless. In my thoughts and prayers. Kristen, Honolulu, HI